Soru : Lhoramie

Yes, you are certainly wolceme to have a different opinion about the color and certainly, in the process of getting to this point in the image the color layer could simply be backed off or the cloud color changed this is how I felt the scene and I feel like I am under no obligation to make it look natural , whatever that means. Yes, perhaps the HDR look is not to your taste but simply imagine how you can easily blend the two versions, before and after, together to subdue the effect to you liking. In fact, if you like, right-click on the images to download the larger versions and layer the original onto the revised version, adjust the opacity and email the result to me I'll post all such efforts for comparison! The point is that you often don't know how far to go with an image until you go too far – then you can always back up just a little!


21.06.2012 tarihinde Doç. Dr. Mehmet Mahir Atasoy